Running time: 6.55 hrs
Rated PG




Post-nuclear America was a slagheap littered with the charred debris of the holocaust. Only a few survivors remained – some dedicated to rebuilding civilization, most determined to drive humanity deeper into the abyss.

BLADE, an Alpha Triad Warrior, was a knife-fighter with a razor-sharp temper. He had sworn to protect The Home from all invaders – but this time he had to slaughter the innocent to save the guilty.

GERONIMO, was a full-blooded Indian Warrior with a half-baked idea. He headed for the Dead Zone to get his head together. But instead of peace he found his head was in serious danger of being severed from his neck by.

THE LEGION, savage nomadic horsemen, who swept down out of the hills like swarming locusts, devouring, defiling and destroying everything in their path. There was no way out for Geronimo – unless he sacrificed his honor and violated the sacred law of his people…<" style="float:right; height:54px; width:216px" />


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