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Christian marriage is a high calling and a life work, one that should result in the greatest fulfillment and joy of all of our earthly relationships. Like all meaningful vocations, marriage requires the exercise of certain disciplines directed at the development of key relational and personal virtues if they are to survive and thrive. This series examines the biblical foundations for marriage and draws on contemporary research to strengthening the institution of marriage. 43 programs.

1. Introduction and Scope.                           25. Who Should Ask for Forgiveness?

2. What Marriage Means.                             26. Anger and Repentance.

3. The 4 Purposes of Marriage.                   27. Self-Control.

4. Changing Functions of Marriage.           28. The Unresolvable Conflict.

5. Humility and Gratitude.                             29. Conflict Resolution.

6. Covenant-Keeping.                                    30. Gridlock: Stupid or Stubborn?

7. The Attitude of Gratitude.                         31. Sexuality.

8. Marriage as Sacrament.                          32. Fidelity.

9. Marriage Vows.                                          33. Balance: The 5 Steps.

10. What About Divorce?                              34. Acceptance of Sexuality.

11. The Agony of Divorce.                             35. Intimacy.

12. Courtship.                                                  36. Finances.

13. Romantic Love.                                        37. Making Room For Each Other

14. Mature Love.                                            38. Fantasies.

15. Four Strategies.                                       39. Solidarity.

16. Agape Love.                                             40. Love Story.

17. Life-span Love.                                       41. Parenting and Marriage.

18. Cultivating Intimacy.                              42. “Crazy About Each Other”

19. Roles in Marriage.                                  43. Changing Mores.

20. The Principle of the Cross.

21. Headship.

22. Questions From the Audience.

23. Forgiveness.

24. Restoration

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