Running time: 4.9 hrs
Rated PG




Eli Cole has been on a trail of vengeance for ten years, ever since his parents and his bride were murdered by the Cassidy gang. One by one he has tracked down his enemies and he has come to be known as The Hunter, the fastest, most fearless gun in the West. Now, just one killer remains at large: Tom Cassidy, the gang’s leader. Eli does not know what Cassidy looks like or what alias he may be using, but nothing will deter him from finding the man. At long last, rumors bring him to Yellow Creek.

As Eli doggedly pursues his search, the people of Yellow Creek see a golden opportunity. Reginald Sims, the crooked town banker, wants Eli to take over the sheriff’s post, a job he has controlled for years. U.S. Marshall Kline sees Eli’s potential for good and he wants to make him his deputy. Beautiful Eve Bennett would like to be his wife. For the first time in ten years, Eli is thinking about his future. But as Eli gets more and more involved in the life of the town, Tom Cassidy is closing in on him.


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