cozy up to danger book cover

Running time: 5.42 hrs
Rated PG




A man hiding from trouble. A stick-up crew running from the law. This is no time for quilting.

Ned Delahanty works at a rundown Wyoming convenience store. Nothing much happens there, just the way he likes it. Most customers pump their gas and drive off without ever stepping inside. When a massive blizzard blows across the plains, that all changes. Several groups of customers seek shelter at Ned’s store. Among those searching for safety are a band of crooks with the cops hot on their trail. Ned soon finds himself locked in a cunning battle of wits with his dangerous guests. Can Ned keep everyone safe before this notorious gang makes him their next target? For Ned Delahanty is a man with a background he must protect. The U.S. government has spent a considerable amount keeping him hidden from an enemy bent on revenge. Now, everything is in danger of falling apart.


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