Running time: 8.3 hrs
Rated PG




Part 1: Kurgyz-Knot Assignment

In 1991, Col. “Bo” was sent an urgent message to attend a National Security Council meeting at Camp David with Henry Kissinger and Alexander Haig. There he learned he was assigned to the Negotiation Team of the Persian Gulf Command. He was to appear as a stand by co-pilot for the supply run for the Persian Gulf Island Airdrome, but in truth was undercover to take part in secret talks with Kuwait and Saudi officials, which marked the start of the 1991 Iraqi War. Thus begins Col. Bo’s adventure across the Kush mountains and into the desert to aid in a guerilla war against Tunga Khan and his army. In this wild and unfriendly terrain, Bo had to call on all his skills as a horseman, pilot and soldier.

Part 2: Escape From Afghanistan

In 1980, Col “Bo” accepted a National Security Council Directive to go to Northern Afghanistan and help the Wahabis-Al-Queda fight the invading Russians. His mission was to “engage and develop leadership, build espirit, and tactically train the Muslim guerrillas…to lay the ground work for a lasting peace in the Middle East..which would result in a constant flow of petroleum at reasonable prices.” Col. Bo not only befriends the Wahabis, but gains their admiration as well. His journey takes him 500 miles through the Hindu-Kush range, playing cat and mouse with Russian tanks, and then attacking a captive key city.


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