Running time: 6.9 hrs
Rated R




When the Press Security to the President of the United States, a close friend of Mark Hardin (a.k.a. The Penetrator), is killed by an unknown assailant less than a month after taking office, answers to hard questions must be found. A dying mobster has mentioned a well-known, exclusive VIP club in DC, in his last words. Hardin follows a hunch that the club may be linked to the Mafia, and that both may have something to do with the death of his friend. As Washington DC explodes with violence and before it’s all over, the Penetrator discovers a plot to assassinate the President and take control of the government…And a part of his past that is trying to catch up with him. Alone, the Penetrator will have to use his arsenal of destruction quickly and efficiently-before it is too late. With 5 million copies in print, The Penetrator novel series has thrilled readers around the world for years. The series features the action and adventures of Mark Hardin as he wages a continuing war against crime, corruption, and evil organizations from around the world in order to protect the innocent.


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