Running time: 11 hrs
Rated PG




Jacob Mead was an infant when he was adopted off an Orphan Train by Jess &Evangeline Mead in 1890. Jess Mead had been cruel to his son, cruel to his wife and cruel to himself. Now, 17 years later, the old Civil War veteran, was dead, it was a new Century, and Jacob was finally free. Free? To do what, to go where? Jacob’s mother urged him to go East and look for his brothers &his sister. Could they be found? The clues were scant, the trail was cold but the results of the eventual search stunning. Neil Browning &Randy Alsman also had plans for Jacob. He could go straight to hell just as long as they got his stepfather’s money.
  Adam Wiktorek was born &raised in rural upstate New York. He realized his childhood dream of moving out West and settling in Oregon shortly after his military service


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