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Running time: 4.44 hrs
Rated G




Eleven-year-old Sam Parker is a hockey player who has always had fun playing the game. But that was before a bully at school starts hounding him. To make matters worse, even the refs seem to have it in for him, making a series of bad calls that costs his team a game.

Flustered by the constant hassle from the bully and his gang and frustrated with the way things are going on the ice, Sam decides to take things into his own hands to solve both problems. His choices only make things worse, and his troubles seem to pile up. Worse yet, no one seems to understand — not his teachers, not his parents, and not even his best friend, Jill.

Sam will have to figure out how to solve this problem and learn how to deal with frustrating and unfair events – both on and off the ice.

Play through it.

Life is hockey.

Hockey is Life.

He brings his vast drama experience to over 50 audiobooks, including science fiction, westerns


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