Running time: 2.4 hrs
Rated PG




Great Battles for Boys takes kids to the front lines of iconic battles. In this volume of the popular history series, find out which strategies, weapons, and military leaders won – or lost – these famous American fights. And none of it’s boring.

In this installment, boys travel to the ancient world, following such famous figures as Alexander the Great &Hannibal, learning about the military battles that changed history. Beginning in Ancient Greece, the battles storm across the known world and into the Middle Ages, ending with the Spanish Armada’s attempted invasion of England. Other historic battles include: ·    Thermopylae: The 300 Spartans take their last stand against the invading Persians. ·    Cannae: Hannibal beats the mighty Roman Army with a military maneuver still used today. ·    Hastings: The Normans invade England. ·    Stirling Bridge: William “Braveheart” Wallace fights the British crown for Scottish Independence. And many more! Don’t miss this bestselling series that shows kids the face of courage and valor. If your child likes action-packed accounts, authentic details, and short but exciting chapters, then they’ll love this audiobook. And they’ll never hear history as boring again!

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