Running time: 4.65 hrs
Rated PG




It all started, one spring morning, with a complicated calculus problem that Beth Bryant couldn’t figure out. Hoping to get a little help from the brilliant Stone twins, Rick and Ryan, and their idiot savant relative they call “Cousin”, Beth leaves them the problem getting their assurance that they’ll have it figured out by early afternoon. But by two o’clock, the calculus problem is the least of the foursome’s problems. When Beth goes to retrieve the promised answer, she finds Ryan dead, slumped over his computer keyboard, while Cousin babbles incoherently about pi in the corner. Then the police arrive, informing her someone tried to murder Ryan’s brother Rick as well. Suddenly, she finds herself under suspicion, and the FBI has become involved. Now, not only do the police suspect she’s withholding information and pull her in for more questioning, but the Feds are following her every move…and they’re looking for more than who murdered Ryan, and she has no idea what it could be. All that Beth is absolutely sure of is three things; she shouldn’t trust anyone, nothing is what it appears to be, and she is in great danger.


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