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By Colin Conway & Frank Zafiro

Charlie-316 Crime Series, Book 5

Read by Damon Abdallah

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  Tyler Garrett was the model police officer until an ambush unraveled his world.

  The Charlie-316 series is ripped from today's headlines and examines a modern police department's response to corruption within its ranks. When assailants attack Spokane Police Officer Tyler Garrett, he faces a decision most can never comprehend. After the shooting stops, the questions begin.

  Garrett soon confronts the doubts of a mistrustful public. Remaining silent protects his rights but makes him look guilty to a clamoring media.

  When investigators uncover a conspiracy, will Garrett's safety be ensured? Or will the city offer up a favorite son for the sins of their police department?

  No matter the outcome, a city and its police will never be the same again.

  Follow every moment from that fateful traffic stop to the resolution no one will expect.

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GHOST OF CHRISTMAS SWEET by Connie Shelton (Samantha Sweet Series, Book 15), Read by Andrea Bates.NEW AUDIOBOOK RELEASE



By Connie Shelton

Samantha Sweet Mysteries, Book 15

Read by Andrea Bates

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   Samantha Sweet is back at Sweet's Sweets, turning out her amazing cakes and pastries for the busy holiday season, when Emily Plankhurst, the new young librarian in town, stops in. Emily tells Sam a strange story involving a hidden niche in the library revealed to her in a vision, supposedly, by her dead grandmother. Would anyone believe this farfetched story? Possibly not anyone but Sam, who has had more than a few unexplained occurrences in her own life.

  It turns out the hidden space contains a rare painting, The Ghost of Christmas, which was believed to have been destroyed in a fire twenty-five years ago at the luxury home of a hedge fund billionaire. A young man died in the fire and the insurance company paid the claim for the valuable painting. But now that the painting has turned up, how can Emily prove that her own grandfather wasn't the one behind the arson?

  It's a sticky situation when she approaches Sam with the case. If she turns the painting over to the authorities, they will almost certainly believe that her grandfather was involved in the theft of the piece and most likely complicit in insurance fraud as well. Would the police actually take him out of the Alzheimer care facility where he now resides and throw him in jail? Emily's only chance of saving her grandfather's life, and the reputation of the family-founded library, is to investigate the old crime and find out who really stole The Ghost of Christmas. And Samantha is the only person she can trust to help her, one of the few who remembers when the fire started and the insurance claim was paid. It's a Christmas mystery with a lot of twists and turns!


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MURDER IN THE FIRST REEL by Larry Names (A Maisy Malone Mystery, Book 3)




By Larry Names

A Maisy Malone Mystery, Book 3

Read by Stephanie Brush

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  Bartender Charlie Quinn was found dead in the basement holding cell at the Los Angeles Police Department's Central Station. The police were the first suspects for his death. The LA County Coroner ruled Quinn died by accident. Declared to be intoxicated, Quinn allegedly stumbled and fell against the grating of the cell door and died from a brain hemorrhage. Maisy Malone wasn't buying the coroner's verdict, so she decided to prove the real cause for Quinn's death. With the help of comedy film star Mabel Normand and star vaudeville mime Charlie Chaplin, Maisy tracked down the truth and proved Quinn's death was actually MURDER IN THE FIRST REEL.

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